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We have been creating and restoring stained glass for over three decades!

Many older churches have stained glass windows that should be inspected.  Just like any other building or piece of history, stained glass windows can endure the test of time if taken care of properly.  Most stained glass windows need to be restored every 80-100 years.  The restoration process is the only real way to maintain the timeless beauty of stained glass for generations to come.

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Due to age, stained glass windows begin to show many signs of deterioration.

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When these signs are evident the only way to effectively eliminate them is to disassemble the panels and rebuild them with new lead, solder, and cement. This restoration process preserves the historic glass and structural integrity of the windows.

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stained glass restoration

Van Wert County Courthouse Restoration

We completely restored the Van Wert County Courthouse Dome. When we began the restoration process, four panels were entirely missing, and nine panels were in ruins, as seen in the photo to the left, due to poor planning by the HVAC contractor 60 years earlier.

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Once back at our studio our team completely took the panels apart and began to assess the damage to each individual panel.  We then found the best possible matches and began to cut new glass for the broken and missing pieces.

The panels were then built on wood forms in order to maintain the correct curvature.

After the 76 panels were completely restored our crews reinstalled the window back into the courthouse.