Stained Glass Originals

We design windows of all sizes in contemporary, traditional and abstract styles. Our design team works closely with the client, contractor and architect to design art glass that will both accent the architecture and reflect the desires of the client.

The venue of stained glass can be installed in churches, homes, and commercial buildings. Its unique appeal brings the beauty of color and light to life.

Stained glass has long been sought after as a means to bring beauty and atmosphere to many different venues.

In Churches, stained glass windows were originally created to relay the stories and message of the Bible.  That tradition survives today in the windows created by Window Creations LLC.

Artisans At Work

Our artists take great care to create beautiful stained glass imagery. Sometimes a single piece may need to be fired seven or more times in a computer controlled kiln, in order to achieve a particular look or style. We take as much time as is necessary in order to give our clients the best possible product and service.

Window Creations has always been a company that strives for excellence in every project.  Our crews go the extra mile in serving our customers with expert craftsmanship and a desire to put out the best work in the industry.

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